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    Hi, I have done some homework about this tool, Its a fact that its equaly powerfull and maybe more than the new King of the hill Bolt, Playmaker its powerfull and was the king until a couple of months in the past, but is still a amazing contender due its legacy and its comunity. That being said…

    1- I Sent two diferent emails in two days to support, and still waiting for an answer, no one replys, is that something normal? Is there really support? Or you have to figure out things based on the documentation? Is there a discount if i purchase note canvas and flow canvas?

    2- Yep I will repeat myself, done some homework and the tool its at least equaly powerfull than the new king BOLT (Selling well, and an active comunity growing and growing), but the lack of tutorials (theres a video tutorial series, but the narrator is adding just his Acting Skill to a not so well planned video) no pun intented, the videos are great but theres some need of much more videos, more oriented in a really beggining game making mind set AND A really start from Scratch.

    3- They are people saying that NodeCanvas replaced 3 sw (Dialogue trees, behavior trees, and FSMs) that for me is a WOW factor, but seems to be sort of a regular highlight in the promotion.

    4- Im very interested in help, and use the tool, any comments?



    Because the forum and email are too slow, I have already proposed that Gavalakis get a Discord for nodecanvas. I contact Discord when I join the bolt community. I think it is very good and import



    I think that Gavalakis, is doing a great job as One Man Army, but its very important that everything SCALE UP acordingly, its sad very very very sad to see a GOOD product, fall down because of missing/lack of support/documentation/activiy and not because the product itself.

    Im still waiting for some emails to be answerd

    I will also try to help as soon im able to do so..




    Thanks a lot for your feedback. As a solo developer I am trying to do my best. Sometimes, response times get a bit slower due to family matters, but most of the times I try my best to reply within a day or two at most.

    – Regarding your email send on Friday, I have replied to you yesterday by the way. A 40% discount to purchase NodeCanvas, is automatically applied if you already own FlowCanvas. If you made a mistake in your purchase, I can gladly issue you a refund, but I am not sure I understood your question in your email correctly. Was that indeed the question to your email?

    – Because english is not my native language, there is an open job offer for someone to make english video tutorials for a long time now. Even though it has taken a long time already, I would prefer proper english video tutorials, rather than me making those tutorials with poor english instead, since none will benefit from poor english spoken tutorials anyway. :/
    While official video tutorials do indeed not exist, I wouldnt say that there is lack of activity, documentation, or support though in my opinion in any way.

    – Can you please clarify what you mean by saying “sort of a regular highlight” in your 3rd point? 🙂

    Furthermore, a discord channel like @personuo stated, is indeed planned once the new v3.0 is released (within next month).

    Thank you!

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