Kingdom is a strategy exploration game under development, set in a lush animated pixel world. A lonely leader defends a Kingdom that will soon be forgotten.

Constant strategic decisions reward the player with steady exploration of the game’s beautiful world. Fighting off the Greed is an uphill battle, and a lonely one. It is, however, also the king’s innate duty to do so. The crown cannot be put down.

Each morning, the player decides whether to rebuild, expand, or to venture into the dark forest that the horde emerges from, to look for riches and miracles while the seasons change along with the player’s predicament. The game starts in carefree spring, through hot summer and rainy fall, into bitter winter. During each reign, the king finds small moments of victory, discovery, and tranquility…

Kingdom uses NodeCanvas state machines for all AI behaviours. We grouped all the low level behaviour into functional components and methods that we call from NC. We started out using Behaviour Trees and found that it was easier to define sequences of actions in coroutines that are called from the FSM ( like Farm() ).

– The Kingdom Team

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