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In most places where you are able to set a value in NodeCanvas, like for example within Tasks or Nodes, you will encounter what they are called BBParameters. BBParameters allow you instead of setting a value directly, to rather link a Blackboard variable instead. This is a very important feature to remember.

This is done by clicking on the radio button on the right of the parameter and a dropdown list will appear.


There are four possible choice you can have within this dropdown.

  • Select a Blackboard variable to link to. This is the most obvious option.
  • Select a Global Blackboard variable if you have a global blackboard in your scene.
  • Declare a “Dynamic Variable” which allows you to create a variable at runtime.
  • “Create a New” Blackboard variable and link it to this parameter in one go (the created variable will have the same name as the parameter).

When you have selected a variable this way, you will notice that the information written relevant to that task and that variable will come with a “$” token in front of the name of the variable. This is always added to indicate that this name refers to a variable and thus not to be confused with it being just a string.

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