Learn how to use NodeCanvas

Controls & Shortcuts

Here are the node/canvas controls and shortcuts:

  • Right Click on the canvas to add a new node.
  • Click & Drag to pan the node.
  • Middle Click & Drag to pan the canvas.
  • ALT + Click & Drag to pan the canvas. This is useful in laptops without a middle mouse click!
  • Shift + Click & Drag a node to pan it and all of its children together; panning a branch.
  • Click & Drag from a port over a target node to connect. Right click a connected port to disconnect.
  • Click & Drag from a port into empty canvas space, will show context menu to automaticaly create and connect a new node.
  • Click a connected port or connection itself to select the connection.
  • Delete the selected node or connection with Delete Key, or through the right click context menu.
  • Control + D to duplicate a node, or through the right click context menu.
  • Double Clicking a node will open its script in the IDE, unless it’s a subgraph node in which case the subgraph will open.
  • Relink a connection by click and dragging it over a new node. Hold Shift to relink source instead of target.
  • Hit “F” will focus the canvas to the center of all your nodes within it.
  • Mouse Scroll Wheel will Zoom In/Out the canvas.
  • Left Click and Drag in the canvas, will allow you to create a selection rectangle.
  • Holding Control while making a rectangle selection and upon releasing the mouse button, will create a Canvas Group.

On right click on a node or connection link, a context menu will show up. Depending on the node or connection type there might be different extra options. Following are the common operations:

  • Delete: Deletes the Node or Connection. (available in multiselection as well).
  • Copy Node: Copies the Node possible to Paste later. (available in multiselection as well)
  • Copy Assigned Task: Will copy the task that has been assigned to the Node or Connection.
  • Paste Assigned Task: Will paste the currently copied Task to the Node or Connection and assign it.

Copy-pasting of Nodes and Tasks can be done even across different graphs.

  • To Copy an individual Task, Right Click on the Task in question and select “Copy Task”.
  • To Paste a previously copied Task, hit the “Assign Task” button in the Node inspector where tasks can be assigned and select “Paste Task” option in the pop-up menu.
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