Learn how to use NodeCanvas

FlowCanvas -> NodeCanvas

With the FlowCanvas bridge installed, you are also able to use NodeCanvas graphs within FlowScripts.

As you can see, all FlowCanvas subgraph nodes are quite similar with a few differences depending on the subgraph type (Behaviour Tree, FSM, Dialogue Tree).

Flow Inputs: The Start, Stop, Pause, and Resume flow inputs are self-explanatory 🙂

Flow Outputs: The Start, Update, and Finish flow outputs are called respectively when the subgraph starts, is updating, and when is finished.

Value Inputs: Agent is the agent that the subgraph will execute for.

Value Outputs: Runtime is the time in seconds the subgraph is running, while Result is the result the subgraph has finished with.

The SubTree has a Status output returning the current Status of the root Behaviour Tree node.

The SubFSM has a State output returning the current IState of the FSM.

The SubDialogue has an Actor output returning the IDialogueActor of the current node of the Dialogue Tree.

Remember that you can also use SubGraph Variables Mapping as normal between the FlowScript and any of those subgraphs.

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