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Thank you for fix!

Omg, QuestCanvas would’ve been amazing, i only can give newbie perspective how it could work:
1) I wanted it to be easy to take quests from DialogueTree(when talk with NPC), or on some event(triggered something in game).

2) Simple quest integer/boolean(example: wolves killed 0/5(int) | Kill evil bear(bool) ).
Also Mega Quest with chained bool/integer, example: go find NPC(bool) > You found NPC, he needs 5 coins 0/5 (int) > You give him coins, He give you key, now you can open secret room.(questFinished)

3) And i could show quests in quest journal(with detailed description of quest if player stuck), and also possibility to separate(in ui) to Main & Additional quests. And showing quest will be flexible/editable, we can decide not to use journal, and could just always show quests in the left side of screen.

That’s just what i searched in quest systems in assetstore, don’t know how possiblle it is to make,
but i will happy to see any QuestCanvas from you, Thank you!