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I have a bound BehaviourTree on a prefab. I open the graph editor by using the EDIT BEHAVIOUR TREE button when editing the prefab.

I can run the graph ingame just fine. It is just when I’m editing the graph in the graph editor that memory starts leaking. It normally takes about 20-30 minutes of continuous work to go from 1.5gb to 2.5gb of used memory and it’s around then that nodes start lagging and become unresponsive when I move them around and connect them to other nodes. Memory continues to leak until I have to restart the Unity editor.

It is ONLY when I’m actively working in the GRAPH editor, not the Unity editor that this happens, so it seems like it is related to the movement of and interactions with nodes. Closing the GRAPH editor does not release the memory, only closing the UNITY editor does that.

Unity: 2021.1.23f1
NodeCanvas: 3.2.1

I have included a picture of my tree settings. I have not included an image of my tree since memory starts leaking directly from start with an empty tree as a starting point.

  1. include1.png