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I made a video showcasing the problem in our project. the video started from fresh unity open only clicking on “Edit Behaviour Tree” on a prefab in the open scene to open the editor. in the video you can see the start memory usage going up over a period of 20 min of use from 1.5GB to 3GB. notice in the video that around 13 minutes in i just leave the editor open without doing anything and it keeps going up. after that i close the editor window and keep it closed for 2 min, while it’s closed the memory stops going up, after that i open the window again to show that the editor window continues leaking. i also show how it impacts the usage at around that time clicking and panning the editor with spikes in performance causing lag that makes it unusable or at the very least very frustrating to use.

unity: 2020.3.12f1

nodecanvas: 3.2

Btw i really like this product. please help us in resolving this issue