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Hello there,

Yes, I was able to import the fsm you attached. Please let me explain what is happening here.

The central Action State (with the Wait action), does not execute the Wait action because as soon as the state starts executing, the transition condition on the right takes place immediately because its condition is true (the “tmpstr” is NOT null).

Transition conditions are always evaluated per-frame even while the state is running and a transition will take place immediately even if that state is not yet finished. This allows the FSM to be more dynamic.

With that said, if you want for a transition to be evaluated only AFTER a state has finished all its actions, then you can select the state (in this case the centra one with the Wait action), and in its inspector change the “Check Continously” setting to “Check After State Finished”. This will make the transition condition only be evaluated after the state has finished.

Please let me know if this works for you.

Thank you!

(PS: I have fixed the error showing when you exit play mode and will be there in the next version).

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