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I have been on a long quest to find the proper node editor for our game and realistically after switching over and over I cannot stop returning to nodeCanvas. However, the issue stated here has unfortunately always been the reason I’ve had to stop using it. I used to think this was a bug in nodeCanvas, not Unity, so I was hoping for future versions to fix this but it seems the issue is still present ( naturally, since it isn’t in your package and Unity won’t fix it).

I have read on the Unity forums that apparently this bug is also affecting other node editors too. It’s been a while since I’ve used any other than nodeCanvas and Behavior Designer mostly. But weirdly, for example, I can’t recall having this experience in Behavior Designer  at all, however. Perhaps this is since I’ve only used it for simple graphs.

Regardless, since as bellux states this issue seems to be marked as “won’t be fixed” by Unity:

Is there any chance we might see an update re-adressing how this part of the editor works? Alternatively, have you considered contacting Unity in order to establish if there’s any proposed solution or workaround to their bug which seems to be plaguing many of the best node editors for Unity, including yours?

Just like bellux I would prefer to stick with nodeCanvas. It is by far the most complete node editor I have tried and I certainly don’t want other solutions after trying quite a few.  These (your tools, including FlowCanvas), seem to offer all we need for our game.

However, the bug described on this post is very much destroying my productivity unfortunately. I seriously want to keep using this amazing tool but regardless of who the true culprit is (Unity), it is rendering the product quite hard to use too because of how laggy the experience is. Any sort of interaction with the graph can usually cause freezes that might last upwards of seconds (1 to 3 maybe), and this becomes more and more prominent as the memory leak grows larger.

Any chance we could revive this discussion? I’d really appreciate it! Thank you so much in advance to everybody having invested time on this matter.

PS: I really do want to emphasize, the tool is fantastic, I do hope we can resolve this!!


Unity: 2021.1.10f1

NodeCanvas: can’t recall, but updated yesterday so pretty much the latest.