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I have managed to solve this problem for our own, we got some result that we want to share, and want to get some advise from you.


What we did:

1. We have assumed the errors are from ‘Reflection’ features of node canvas. such as – ‘Check C Sharp Event’, ‘Check Property’.. etc.

2. There were too many scripts that used by our team (up to 10 – 12 people), So it seems too inefficient to manually add ‘Preferred types’.

3. So I have have created custom script to ‘Collect all possible scripts in projects except the ones in ‘excluding list”, and then created AOT Classes, Link.xml again. (shown as below)




1. Many of errors have been actually removed and game has became playable for some point…! but still some of them remains, causing few buggy-situation in game..



1. It is too difficult to point out which script or which Nodecanvas graph is causing problem.


What I Want:

1. I want to address which script or nodecanvas graph is causing problem!

2. Is there any way to specify the origin of the error? (TargetException: Non-static field requires a target  at System.Reflection.MonoField.SetValue)


Node Canvas Version: 3.2.1
Unity Version: 2020.3.14 lts
Developing for: XBOX Scarlett

  1. -캡처-2022-02-26-145337.png

  2. -캡처-2022-02-26-145321.png

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