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Hello again and sorry for the late reply!

Thank you for the information and suggestions. Indeed making this kind of automated (picking sub-graphs) rises questions and potential problems. Initially, I was thinking about some button in the GraphEditor toolbar for example, that let us manually click it and open the current graph of the editor in a separate minimal “overview” window, and that we would of course be able to open as many such “overview” windows as we would like and they would stay open until we manually close them. This would let us have multiple overview graphs open that are not necessarily sub-graph, but could rather be simply different graphs.

Another idea is for the “overview” windows to contain all sub-graphs altogether like a super minimap, even though I am afraid that would be way to cluttered 🙂 In either case, I will start creating something along those lines and maybe some other new idea pops up!

Way back, I used to work in some small game studios as well as my own never-released games and the inspiration for the tools mostly stems from what I would have liked to have back then 🙂

Thank you!

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