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Hello again,

I think creating a custom fsm state for this would be much of a hassle (and you will need to redesign the FSM … ).

Here are some solutions (apart from changing the code or having an option in FSMOwner):

  • If the “GoToScreen” action task that is used in all “leaf” states is custom (probably is), then you can change it so that it never finishes (by not calling EndAction).
  • You can add the “Run Forever” action task in all states that you want to keep running forever and thus the FSM does not finish for those states.
  • If the reason you want to keep the FSM alive/running is because of the Parallel state (which was replaced by the OnFSMUpdate by the way), I can add an option in the node’s inspector so that it is always running and thus once again the FSM is never considered finished when such OnFSMUpdate node is present.
  • If the above is not the reason, and you simply want to keep the FSM alive no matter what, following is a custom FSM node code that will keep running forever and will have the same effect as having an option in the FSM as suggested above:

Let me know.

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