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    There is an issue where a lot of times we have the FSMOwner component selected, we even click EDIT FSM, but the Canvas window is always saying like we have no FSM selected. Please see the attached picture.

    This is a very annoying bug slowing our workflow. I cannot tell exact steps to reproduce, but mostly when we enter play mode then exit, then keep the prefab in prefab stage opened, it produces this issue.

    The only way to fix this is then to open completly different prefab, open the original prefab with FSM again and and select the component

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    Hello and sorry for the late reply. I was able to reproduce this just like you said after exiting playmode while the prefab editor is still open. However only the contents of the prefab that remained open has this issue and exiting and re-entering the prefab (or any prefab) seems to work fine. While this is quite an edge case, I will try to fix it 🙂

    Thank you.

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