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    i made it for my self, if someone need it.




    Hello there,

    Since I can’t see the whole code in the screenshot, is the goal here to keep repeating the Parallel forever up until all children have finished running, or up until the Policy is met when the Parallel is in “Repeat” mode?

    If you want to please share the whole contents I may implement this in the next version considering this works for you 🙂


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    I just want to be able to evade if needed during an attack. It is unbelievable that no one has asked this before.
    Im uploaded the file.

    The problem with parallel node is that once it returns results, it will reset all the child nodes that are running.
    Case first return true:
    If the evasion is completed, the attack will be stopped.
    Case first return false:
    The parallel node will return false even though the node attack is running, and the table of right nodes will be started and stopped at the next frame (because the attack condition is true).

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    I also have the same issue that Parallel resetting running nodes. @dungdajhjep‘s version is what I want. Hope it will be official in next release.

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