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    Hi I have a problem with my interface/class field not serializing like in normal unity inspector.

    I have a case where I have a base class called Skill and there are a lot sub classes inheriting from it.

    I wanted to create one custom Task called Cast Skill with field type “Skill”. When using SerializeReference in normal unity script it serializes correctly and let me pick one of the all subclasses of Skill and edit their unique properties.

    But when I have the same field inside my Task it doesn’t serialize it and I have to specify exactly what type of skill it is in order to modify it.

    I know I can change them to scriptable objects and have them dragged but I didnt want to create so many assets and have them inlined as class.

    My questions is, is there any way to bypass it or force NodeCanvas to use unity serializer for SerialozeReference?

    Thank you

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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