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    Hello. I am having difficulties with the Multiple Choice node in Dialogue Tree and looking for advice.

    For my project, strict ordering of choices is important, but there is two inconveniences with that that hinder development.

    1) Order of choices seems to change dynamically depending on the location of the nodes on canvas to which the choices is connected. If, for example, I have a Multiple Choice node with choices “1” and “2”, connected to Actor Talk nodes to say “you choose 1” and “you choose 2” accordingly, if I move “you choose 1” node to the right of “you choose 2” on canvas, then order of choices in Multiple Choice node changes, putting choice “2” before “1”.
    I would like to disable it, making the order of choices independent of the position of the nodes connected to them.

    2) Manual drag-n-drop rearrangement of choices inside Multiple Choice node does NOT apply changes to the respective connections, making choices connected to wrong branches. Using the very same example above, that means if I move “2” inside Multiple Choice above “1”, choice “2” is now connected to “you choose 1” node.
    I would like the nodes to stay connected to the same choices after choice rearrangement as before.

    Would appreciate any help on that, I’m ok to fiddle with the NodeCanvas code itself if it comes to that, but so far can’t find the functions responsible for this behaviour. Thanks.


    Hello there,

    This is true. The order of choices change with the position X of the child nodes. If the re-choice ordering inside the node inspector does not work for you and you don’t mind changing the code, you can comment out the contents of the ‘TrySortConnectionsByPositionX’ method found at Editor.Node.cs file line #865. (do not comment the whole method, only the contents so that it does nothing).

    Doing the above will basically disable the whole automation happening regarding connections ordering.

    Let me know if the above works for you.

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    Many thanks, it worked!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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